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7 day working in the NHS

As a vast and expensive resource, it is an inevitable and welcome  development that the NHS will become more patient friendly and start to offer elective services during evenings and weekends.

In the context of enforced savings of £20 billion pounds , I am not quite sure who and what will fund this however. I am also not sure where the critical and necessary ancillary staff will be found to support such a venture.


I have recently received enquiries in respect of the above. In fact , the term is a complete misnomer because the knee replacement is not custom made....rather the instruments used to put it in are!

This is a new development and may supersede computer navigation in certain situations in the future.

In the technique, the patient must undergo a CT scan of his knee in order to accurately define and map his anatomy. The images are sent to the US where the instruments are designed and made. They are then sent over to the UK ready for the operation.

I was the first surgeon in County Durham and Darlington to use the technique and I must say that I was very impressed. The instruments fit the knee like a glove. The technique is not as demanding as computer navigation ...and is  perhaps not as versatile but looks to be very effective.

Most of the big knee manufacturers offer this system .

There are no long term results published yet.

I attended the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons this year in San Francisco where the early results were presented...very impressive!


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